How to Choose When Buying Used Farm Machinery and Tractors

When buying used farm equipment, the following points will reduce the gap between your ideal and your needs. Here are three tips on how to choose the right one.

1. Does it have the horsepower and functions you need?
The first thing to check in agricultural equipment is horsepower. Horsepower is not only a measure of how much power it has, but also an indicator of how large a field it can handle. The higher the horsepower, the higher the price, so it is important to check if the machine has the right horsepower for your needs in terms of cost-effectiveness.
In addition, some used tractors are already equipped with implements such as rotaries, so make your choice according to your needs.

2. Operating hours and operating years
You can check the operating hours with an hour meter, but be sure to check how long the machine has been in operation and how many years it has been in operation. It is not possible to find out the exact date of manufacture of used tractors in Japan, but it is possible to find out when the tractor has generally been in use. We will check each time.

Naturally, the older and smaller the horsepower, the lower the price tends to be. Before deciding to purchase a unit because it is cheap, you need to make sure that the reason is not excess operating hours for you.

3. Maintenance
You should check in advance the extent of maintenance when the tractor was used in Japan. Also, find out if the tractor is easy to maintain in your country. If the tractor is made by a well-known manufacturer such as Kubota, Yanmar, or Iseki, parts can be easily procured and repairs can be done easily.

4. Track record of exporting agricultural machinery
This is the most important. Exporting agricultural machinery requires a lot of knowledge and many years of experience, and is a more difficult task than exporting used cars and other projects. Be sure to check when the exporter was founded and how much export experience they have.
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