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Kubota is an agricultural machinery manufacturer that has earned a strong reputation in Japan and around the world. Specifically, Kubota manufactures agricultural machinery such as tractors and combines. Kubota’s agricultural machinery has the following features.

Kubota is Japan’s leading global manufacturer of agricultural machinery and has a high market share overseas.
Older models from the 80s and 90s are particularly popular in developing countries,
Used equipment prices are high, exceeding those of other manufacturers of the same age and horsepower.

High quality: Kubota products are durable and reliable over time. These products are used in harsh environments and require high quality.

Advanced technology: Kubota incorporates the latest technology in agriculture. Examples include precision farming using GPS guidance systems and automated driving.

Environmentally friendly: Kubota products are designed with the environment in mind. Engines are fuel efficient and produce fewer emissions.

User-friendly: Kubota agricultural equipment is easy to operate and provides a comfortable working environment. For example, they have comfortable seats and efficient control panels.

Variety: Kubota has a wide range of products, offering a variety of sizes of agricultural equipment, from small to large. This allows them to cater to different types of farming.

[Kubota’s main products]
Kubota’s share of the domestic market is about 40%, and the company is highly popular as one of Japan’s leading manufacturers in the world.
Among agricultural machinery, tractors are in overwhelming demand and are used all over the world.
In particular, these tractors are compact and combine high power and high durability, overcoming the weaknesses of diesel engines, while gasoline engines dominate overseas.
The model has a history of being highly regarded and has grown into a world-class agricultural machinery manufacturer.
Today, Kubota offers a wide range of small, medium and large models.

[Kubota Tractors]
L Series 1960s-
B Series 1970s
L1 Series 1980s
X Series 1986-
A Series 1988-
GL Series since 1990
GT Series 1997- ?
KL Series 1999-
KT Series 2005-
FT Series 2012-

In 1947, Kubota released its first cultivator, the K1 model, which became an explosive success as the mechanization of agriculture progressed.
Today, Kubota still offers an extensive line of cultivators, and the TA Series is very popular among new models.
Many models can be used in a variety of ways by adding and removing various attachments.

Kubota also leads the combine harvester market in Japan.
Since 2003, Kubota’s share of the domestic combine harvester market has increased significantly due to the success of the Aerostar Joycom Jr, a compact combine harvester developed jointly with Mitsubishi and supplied on an OEM basis.

[Rice transplanter]
Kubota is also the No. 1 rice transplanter manufacturer in Japan.
In 2016, the EP8D-GS, the industry’s first rice transplanter equipped with GPS and capable of autopilot operation, made a big splash.
Kubota rice transplanters will continue to lead the industry in the future.

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