ISEKI Tractors and Combine

The most important characteristics of ISEKI’s agricultural machinery are that the price of new agricultural machinery is lower than that of other manufacturers and that it is easier to maintain.
ISEKI is one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery, with the third largest share of the domestic market among Japanese agricultural machinery manufacturers.
ISEKI has a very long history among Japanese agricultural equipment manufacturers.
It was founded in August 1926.

The following is a description of the features of ISEKI tractors.

ISEKI tractors are simple to operate and easy to work with.
Various functions can be operated only with the hand, eliminating the need to pay attention to a wide area. The high operability enables smooth, stress-free work.

ISEKI tractors are designed for easy inspection and cleaning. This makes maintenance more efficient.
Regular maintenance is important to maintain the basic performance of tractors over the long term.
Iseki has streamlined maintenance work and realized tractors that can be used powerfully for a long time.

ISEKI tractors were originally developed starting with small tractors. Since the lineup was gradually expanded from small models, many models are still reasonably priced and lightweight compared to other companies.
However, even small tractors are powerful and high-performance, so they can work efficiently in a variety of situations.

ISEKI has always been a strong manufacturer of small tractors, but in recent years, medium- to large-sized tractors have also become popular.

Tractors :
ISEKI has the second largest share of the Japanese tractor market.
In the past, ISEKI was strong in small tractors, but recently, the BIG-T series and other medium to large tractors have become strong sellers, and the lineup of small tractors is decreasing, with only the TQ series available.
Tractors also have a history of development since the 1960s and 1970s, and in recent years, their unique functions, such as a memory function that records the main transmission gear used in the park, have gained a reputation for being easy to use.
However, models from the 60s to the 90s are not very popular in the used market, and there are many models that have fallen in price significantly.

Cultivators :
Iseki’s cultivators are lightweight and inexpensive, elements that are sought in cultivators.

Rice transplanters :
ISEKI’s domestic market share is stable at 2nd to 3rd place, and it secures a certain level of demand with its functions and product lineup differentiated from those of other companies.
Rotary-type rice transplanters are in high demand for export to foreign countries and are distributed at high prices in the used equipment market.

Others :
ISEKI is a specialized manufacturer of agricultural machinery and handles a wide variety of agricultural equipment such as dryers and vegetable cultivating machinery in addition to those introduced here.
Even highly specialized and specialized machinery is sold at low prices.
Some farmers seem to have a full lineup of Iseki products because of the large number of machines necessary for agriculture and their low prices.

The current model lineup of Iseki tractors is as follows.

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Model Name Horse power
GEAS NTA5 25~60
GEAS NTA5 L type 33
GEAS NT5 L type 25〜60
Robot Tractro TJV 75~98
TQ3 14~17.5
Z153 15.6
RESPA RTS 16.5~25
TM7 17~19
RTS 20~25
T.Japan.V TJV5 65~98
T.Japan.X TJX3 74.7~102
BIG T5700S 100~130
T.Japan.W TJW3 115~123
BIG T6700S 130~160
BIG T7700S 165.9~280.1
GEAS NTA5 36~60
TQ3 17.5
GEAS NT5 33~60
T.Japan.V TJV5 65~98
T.Japan.X TJX3 72
T.Japan.W TJW3 115~130
TPC3 15~21
TA-C1130 113
TA-C1380 138.8