Yanmar Tractors and Combine

Yanmar is known as a major Japanese machinery manufacturer with a long history and experience, especially in the field of agricultural machinery. The development and history of Yanmar tractors can be briefly summarized as follows.

Founding Period: Yanmar was founded in 1912. Early activities were focused on manufacturing oil engines and supplying the fishing industry.

Development of the diesel engine: In the 1930s, Yanmar developed Japan’s first small diesel engine. This would have a major impact on later agricultural machinery manufacturing.

Start of Tractor Manufacturing: In the 1950s, Yanmar began manufacturing tractors. Tractors at the time were small and suited to the characteristics of Japanese farmland, and were designed to be used in confined work areas.

Introduction of Innovative Technology: Yanmar has continued to innovate. As an example, in the 1970s, it introduced the “Yanmar System. This system combined a tractor with various types of work equipment and greatly improved work efficiency.

Overseas Expansion: Since the 1970s, Yanmar has expanded into overseas markets such as Asia, North America, and Europe. Especially in the emerging countries of Asia, Yanmar tractors became widely popular as agricultural mechanization progressed.

Environmental Initiatives: As Yanmar entered the 21st century, it began to focus on the development of environmentally friendly products. These include the development of low-emission engines and improvements in fuel efficiency.

Throughout its long history in Japan and abroad, Yanmar has maintained innovation and product quality in the field of tractors and agricultural machinery. As a result, Yanmar tractors are widely used throughout the world today.

[Main Products of Yanmar]

Tractors :
Yanmar tractors have the third largest market share in Japan and are renowned for their ease of use, regardless of whether they are new or used.
The engines are powerful and easy to handle, and many people have been using Yanmar tractors for many years.
A wide range of models, including the YT series of large tractors and the EG and GK series of small and medium-sized tractors, enjoy a certain level of popularity.
As introduced, older models are popular in the used market.
The company entered the agricultural machinery market later than other companies, in 1961, and the number of used units of older models itself is small.

Cultivators :
Tillers are one of Yanmar’s most popular products.
The QT series of mini tillers, the MTe30, and the YK series with rotary are especially popular.
They are relatively easy to maintain among Yanmar products, and the used market rates them on par with other brands.

Combines :
Combines are classified as a weak product among Yanmar’s products, with a smaller product lineup than other companies.
Its domestic market share is not among the best three, and it is currently less popular in the used equipment market.
In recent years, however, Yanmar has been focusing on combine harvester development, and the new YH series has received high praise and is slowly increasing its market share.
Yanmar’s brand power is on the rise year after year, and we can expect growth in both new and used combine harvesters in the future.

Rice Transplanters :
Many of Yanmar’s rice transplanters, including the YR series, are high-performance, multifunctional products.
However, because of their multifunctionality, they tend to be liked or disliked by many.
The domestic market share fluctuates wildly between 2nd and 4th place, and competition with rivals Iseki and Mitsubishi is fierce in this category.
In the used market, multifunctional older models are highly popular, and even older models enjoy a certain level of popularity.

Other :
In agricultural machinery, Yanmar boasts a high market share with several specialized machines that are used for specific applications, such as vegetable and soybean machinery.
It also handles new vehicle sales for some products of John Deere, which is also a major overseas manufacturer.
Apart from agricultural machinery, Yanmar also handles ships and construction equipment.

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Here is a list of Yanmar tractors.
There are many models available so please consult with us on a case-by-case basis.

Model Year
AF15,16,17,18 93~97
AF22,24,26,28 92~96
AF30,33 92~95
AF28J,33J,35J 94~96
AF30R,33R,33JR 95~96
AF114,116,118,120 00~05
AF116X,120X 07~?
AF150,160,170,180 97~00
AF210 96~99
AF210R 97~99
AF218,220(S)(T),222(S) 98~03
AF224,226(T) 98~03
AF224S,226S 98~03
AF-230,-250(R),-270(R) 96~99
AF-290,-310(R) 96~99
AF-330 96~99
AF322,324,326,328,330 99~02
AF333,336,339,342 99~02
AF-350,-400 96~99
AF-520,-620 95~98
AF575 99~?
AF645,650,655,660 98~04
AF665 00~04
AF720 95~98
AF865,875,880,890 99~04
EF116,118,120,122 05~11
EF220,222,224,226,228 03~07
EF230 04~07
EF324,326,328(J),330(J) 02~05
EF334(J),338(J),342J 02~05
EF324M 05~
EF326V,328V,330V,334V 05~10
EF338VJ,EF342VJ 05~09
EF650,655,660,665 04~07
EF880,890,895 05~10
EG48,53,58,65 09~14
EG76,83 09~14
EG97,105 11~13
EG116,118,120,122 11~17
EG220,222,224,227,230 07~12
EG221,223,225,228,231 12~15
EG326,328,330,334 10~15
EG437(J),441(J),445J 09~15
EG453J 10~15
EG650,655,660,665 07~09
EG765,775,782 04~09
F-5D,-6D,-7D 89~93
F7H 90~97
F13 83~94
F14,15,16 82~86
F17 83~86
F18,20,22,24 83~87
F37 84~89
F46 86~89
F50 84~91
F60,70,80,97 84~96
F145,155,165 86~89
F175,195 87~91
F215(M) 87~91
F215MA 89~93
F235(M),255,265(M) 87~91
F-180 90~94
F-190,210,-230,-250 94~98
F-200,-220 90~94
F-210H,-250H 97~98
F375,435,705,805 91~95
F395,475,535 89~98
F605 91~98
F905 92~95
FB15,16 83~86
FF145,155,165 87~89
FF205,225 87~90
FF245 87~92
FH16 85~89
FV200,220,280,330 92~94
FV230,250,270,310,430 91~94
FX16,17 83~86
FX18,20,22,24,26,28 83~87
FX30 90~91
FX32,42 83~87
FX165 86~89
FX175 86~90
FX195 87~90
FX215,235,255,265,285 87~91
FX305,335,435 87~91
FXH24D 85~86
GK13,14,16,18 09~
GT45,46 97~?
JD1300,1400 98~00
JD1320,1420 01~?
Ke-1(D) 01~09
Ke-2,3 87~91
Ke-2A,3A,4A 91~96
Ke-2D 01~09
Ke-3D 03~09
Ke-4A 91~96
Ke-13 07~09
Ke-14,-16,-18 04~09
Ke-30 96~01
Ke-40 96~03
Ke-50 96~04
Ke-60 98~04
PF-82,-92 95~00
RS-24,-27,-30,-33 94~99
RS-24R,-27R 97~99
RS-30R,-33R 95~99
RS-240(R),270(R),300(R) 98~02
RS-300T,330(R) 98~02
RS-240JR,270JR,300JR 99~02
RS-300S,330JR 99~02
YM1100 76~82
YM1101,1110,1300 76~83
YM1301 80~82
YM1401 78~82
YM1500 75~?
YM1502 81~82
YM1510 78~83
YM1600 82~83
YM1601 79~83
YM1602 82~82
YM1700,1702 82~83
YM1720,1802 81~83
YM1810 80~82
YM1820 81~83
YM1900 ?~83
YM2001,2010,2301,2310 80~83
YM2002,2020,2202,2220 81~83
YM2402,2420 81~83
YM2610,3110 78~83
YM2620,2820,3220,4220 82~83
YM3810 79~83
YM4300,5000,6000,7000 81~83
YM7000S 84~86
YM5000,6000,7000 81~83
YM7000S 84~86
YMG1800,2000 81~83
YT118,120,122 19~
YT219,221 17~19
YT222,225,228(J),232(J) 16~21
YT223A,225A,229A(J),233A(J) 21~
YT328A 20~22
YT328R(J) 22~
YT330(J),無段333(J),338(J) 16~19
YT330A(J),333A(J),338A(J) 19~22
YT有段333J,有段345(J) 18~22
YT333R(J),345R(J) 22~
YT無段345,352J,無段357J 16~19
YT345A(J),352AJ 19~22
YT357有段R(J) 18~22
YT352RJ,357RJ 22~
YT460,465A,472A 19~
YT463,470 15~19
YT488A,498A 17~
YT490 15~17
YT4104A,5113A 17~
YT5101,5113 15~17
CT55H,65H,75H 06~12
CT85H 07~12
EG58,65 12~14
EG97,105 11~13
EG116,120 12~17
EG221,225,231 12~15
EG328,334,437J,445J,453J 11~15
YT225,232 16~21
YT225A,233A 21~
YT333,338J,345J 16~19
YT333A,338AJ,345AJ 19~22
YT333R,338RJ,345RJ 22~
YT無段357J 16~19
YT357J(マニュアル),357AJ 19~22
YT357RJ 22~
YT463,470 15~19
YT465A,472A 19~
YT488A,498A 18~
YT490 15~17
YT4104A,5113A 18~
YT5101,5113 15~17
CT-45,-55,-65,-75 96~00
CT-80,-95 95~96
CT-80A,-95A 96~99
CT-120 96~03
CT118,122 07~17
CT226,230 07~13
CT261,301 13~15
CT280 03~07
CT340 03~08
CT401,451 08~15
CT420, 04~08
CT450,550,650,750 00~04
CT551,651 05~09
CT552 09~14
CT600,800,900,1000 00~01
CT652 09~15
CT801 05~10
CT850,950,1050 01~04
CT1001 04~10
CT1010 12~13
CT1350 10~16
CT1380 18~
CT1400 03~08
CT1600 03~09
YT225A,233A 22~
YT472A 21~
YT5113 15~17
YT5113A 18~