Used Fiat(Kubota) Tractor 540 | Export to Tanzania from Japan

Fiat(Kubota) Tractor 540
55 Horse power

The Power of Practicality: Fiat (Kubota) Tractor 540 Delivers in Tanzania

EVERY FARM TRACTOR: Your Gateway to Premium Used Tractors

Since 2006, EVERY FARM TRACTOR has been at the forefront of exporting high-quality used vehicles and agricultural machinery to over 100 countries. Our commitment shines through our latest export, a Fiat (Kubota) Tractor 540, to the vibrant fields of Tanzania.

Why Tanzania Farms Rely on the Fiat (Kubota) Tractor 540

Tailored to Tanzanian Terrain

The Fiat (Kubota) Tractor 540, with its 2WD and robust 55 horsepower engine, is perfectly adapted to Tanzania’s agricultural diversity. Tanzanian farmers benefit greatly from its adaptability, handling the varied landscapes with ease, from the sprawling plains to rolling hills.

The Engine That Drives Success

Robust and Reliable

At the heart of this machine is a 2.6L 3-cylinder diesel engine, renowned for its durability and efficiency. It’s the engine that empowers farmers to push beyond their limits, offering a sustainable and reliable power source for all kinds of agricultural tasks.

Pump Flow and PTO: Optimized for Efficiency

Furthermore, the tractor boasts a pump flow of 6.2 gpm, ensuring optimal hydraulic performance. The rear PTO at 540 RPM allows for a wide range of attachments, turning this tractor into a versatile tool that Tanzanian farmers can rely on for various tasks.

Sourced from Japan’s Finest Markets

A Treasure Trove of Used Tractors

This Fiat (Kubota) Tractor was discovered within Japan’s vast market of used tractors. EVERY FARM TRACTOR has deep-rooted connections across numerous local markets, enabling us to fulfill the diverse needs of our customers with an array of used tractors.

Conclusion: EVERY FARM TRACTOR – Linking Tanzania to Quality Used Tractors

Embark on a journey of agricultural transformation with the Fiat (Kubota) Tractor 540. Tanzanian farmers now have the means to amplify their productivity. We at EVERY FARM TRACTOR are dedicated to linking you to a world where quality meets practicality. Visit our website and discover how we can help you turn the soil into success.

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