How to upgrade and repair used farm equipment

Agriculture is one of Japan’s traditional industries, and many farmers use a variety of farm equipment to streamline their operations. However, agricultural machinery is expensive, and it is often difficult to purchase new equipment. Therefore, the use of used farm equipment is attracting attention. However, used farm equipment has a history of use and may need improvement or repair. In this issue, we will explain in detail how to improve and repair used farm machinery.

1. Tips for improving used farm equipment
Check the condition of the equipment
When you buy a used farm machine, first check the condition of the machine thoroughly. By checking the operation, wear of parts and other details, you will be able to identify the necessary improvements.

2/ Incorporate the latest technology
Even used farm equipment can be improved by incorporating the latest technology. For example, IT tools can be introduced to improve production management and add value.

3. Ensure safety
Used farm equipment may be deteriorated compared to new equipment. Therefore, improvements are needed to ensure safety. In particular, it is essential to improve key parts such as power parts and brakes.

4. Key points for repairing used agricultural equipment
Consider the opinions of experts.
Repairing agricultural machinery requires specialized knowledge. Therefore, taking the opinions and advice of experts will help ensure that repairs are carried out properly.

5. Replacing parts
Used agricultural equipment may have worn or deteriorated parts. Therefore, replacement of parts may be necessary. In particular, replacement of critical parts such as power parts and brakes is essential to ensure safety.

6. Regular maintenance
Regular maintenance is necessary to maintain the performance of agricultural equipment. In particular, used agricultural equipment may be more subject to wear and tear than new equipment, so regular inspection and maintenance will ensure a long service life.

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