How to maintain farm equipment

Farm equipment is an important tool for improving efficiency and productivity in agriculture. However, proper maintenance is necessary to prolong its performance. In this entry, we will explain in detail how to maintain your farm equipment.

1. Lubrication
Lubrication is a basic maintenance to keep farm equipment running smoothly. It is recommended to use a high viscosity grease recommended by the manufacturer. If this is not available, use a simple lubricant such as CRC or Raspene spray.

2. check the fan belt
If the fan belt is loose, the engine will not cool down and, in the worst case, may seize up. It is important to check the belt tension periodically and adjust it properly if it is loose.

3. cleaning
Farm machinery is easily contaminated with dirt, mud and plant debris, so be sure to clean it after each use. Special attention should be paid to moving parts and engine parts, as dirt often causes malfunctions.

4. storage
Agricultural equipment can extend its life by proper storage, even during periods when it is not in use. It is recommended that they be stored indoors or under suitable shade, away from moisture and direct sunlight.

5. periodic inspections
Failure of farm equipment is often sudden. However, regular inspections can help detect malfunctions in their early stages and correct them as soon as possible. In particular, we recommend a general inspection before the season.

Maintaining farm equipment is an important task to maximize its performance and ensure its longevity. Use the above methods to keep up with daily maintenance.

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