Used Farm Tractor for sale volume

There are many used farm tractors circulating in the Japanese market every week, and we can search for all kinds of used farm tractors, from old to new models.

The exact number of farm tractors in circulation is not published, but there are usually more than 1,000 used farm tractors in the Japanese market at any given time.
There are three ways we search for used farm tractors.

1. Buying network of used farm tractors and used agricultural machinery
As Japan is a major agricultural country, there are more buyers of used tractors than any other country in the world.
Through our network with these buyers, we are able to propose suitable tractors to our customers in many countries around the world by cooperating with buyers.

2. Auctions specializing in used farm tractors and other farm equipment
Every Tuesday, ARAI Auction, one of the world’s largest auctions specializing in tractors and agricultural machinery, is held, and EVERY FARM TRACTOR is an official member of this auction.
This auction has a very strict membership screening process and only companies with a proven track record and trustworthiness can become members.
This auction has several hundred vehicles on display every week, and we are able to suggest suitable tractors to our customers from among them.

3. Buying from end users
EVERY FARM TRACTOR is located in Niigata, Japan, an area with a thriving agricultural industry.
Since there are many end users involved in agriculture, we are able to purchase used tractors from end users.
In this case, it may be a little difficult to find an exact match for the tractor you are looking for, but because we buy from end-users, we can purchase tractors at the lowest price.

In this way, we at EVERY FARM TRACTOR can find the cheapest and best quality used farm tractors for our customers from any market in Japan.

If you are looking for Japanese used farm tractor and combine, please check our stock lists.
Japanese Used Farm Tractors

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