Famous European farm machinery manufacturers

There are many used tractors from European manufacturers on the Japanese market that are well maintained, in good condition, and inexpensive.

Unlike Japanese farm machinery, most farm equipment (tractors) made by overseas manufacturers have much more than 65 horsepower. Here are some of the most popular overseas agricultural machinery manufacturers.

[John Deere]
This is a world-renowned American manufacturer of agricultural machinery. It is also called John Deere after its brand name.
The appeal of John Deere is its horsepower. John Deere is used in the vast farmlands of the U.S., which are different from those in Japan, and is generally made larger and has more power.

[Massey Ferguson]
This is a well-known tractor manufacturer in the United States and Canada. It has gained market share not only in North America, but also in Europe, Australia, Asia, and other parts of the world. In Japan, MFM imports and sells its products.
The first characteristic of Massey Ferguson is its ease of use. Tractors are developing day by day, and their performance and functions are improving, but at the same time their operation is becoming more complicated. However, Massey Ferguson tractors are very easy to use.

[New Holland]
New Holland is a brand of agricultural and construction equipment under CNH Industrial. It is a popular and widely sold manufacturer throughout the world.
The company has a sole distributor in Japan in Hokkaido as Japan New Holland K.K. and its large models are mainly sold in Japan.

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