Farm Tractor manufacturers of Japan

The products of Japanese agricultural machinery manufacturers are very popular not only in Japan but also overseas because of their performance and ease of use. First, let us introduce four major agricultural machinery manufacturers that are particularly popular in Japan.

KUBOTA is an agricultural machinery manufacturer that has gained market share not only in Japan but also worldwide. In Japan, It enjoys the top share of the domestic market. Tractors are its main products, and they have a good reputation among users.

The appeal of KUBOTA’s agricultural machinery lies in its durability. Models that were released decades ago are still in use today. As this durability shows, Kubota’s agricultural machinery is a solid choice, “If in doubt, go with Kubota.

YANMAR is the next most popular manufacturer after KUBOTA. It is a large company, and in addition to agricultural machinery, it is involved in a variety of other businesses, such as shipping and construction.

In the agricultural field, Yanmar’s main products are tractors, cultivators, and rice transplanters, and the company is gaining market share. YANMAR’s agricultural equipment is characterized by high quality and simple operation.

ISEKI is a manufacturer that is no less popular than YANMAR in Japan. It produces a full range of machinery related to agriculture.

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