Why is used Japanese agricultural machinery so popular in the world?

Agricultural machinery has evolved in a unique way in Japan, where the size of fields is small. Japanese used agricultural machinery such as farm tractors, combine harvesters for grain harvesting, rice transplanters, and cultivators are very popular around the world because of their small size, high performance, and ease of use.

There are several reasons for this popularity.

1. one reason is that Japanese tractors, even old ones that are 30-40 years old, are less likely to break down and are easier to repair. Older products are not built with complicated computers, etc., and are simple, making them easy for people overseas to repair. In addition, Japanese manufacturers have a great deal of credibility. Even used agricultural machinery is an expensive commodity, but Used in Japan itself has become a brand, and in many cases, customers purchase with a sense of security.

2. technology and quality: Japan is known worldwide as a country with high technological capabilities, and it has excellent technology in agricultural machinery as well. Over the years, Japanese agricultural equipment manufacturers have focused on research and development to develop efficient and durable products. As a result, they are supported by many agricultural professionals because of their high quality and reliability.

3. High production efficiency: Japanese agricultural equipment is designed and equipped with features that enable efficient operation. For example, tractors and combine harvesters are highly powerful and maneuverable, allowing farmers to cultivate and harvest farmland quickly and efficiently. They also incorporate advanced features such as automation of farm machinery and GPS technology.

4. Responding to diverse needs: Japanese agriculture needs to adapt to diverse terrains and crops. For this reason, Japanese agricultural equipment manufacturers offer a wide variety of types and sizes of farm machinery. From small cultivators to large tractors, products are available for a wide range of agricultural tasks.

5. durability and maintainability: Agriculture is a harsh work environment, and agricultural equipment must be durable. Japanese agricultural machinery is characterized by sturdiness, using durable materials and robust construction. They are also easy to maintain, and regular maintenance and repairs are relatively easy to perform, so Japanese used agricultural equipment can be maintained in high condition.

For these reasons, Japanese used agricultural equipment is both highly competitive and inexpensive.
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